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June 11th, 2014

Phone Scam That Promises Government Grants


Phone Scam That Promises Government GrantsPhones are ringing all over Houston in Texas, with the promise of money in the form of government grants.

There’s simply one trouble. Grants are challenging to get, however that’s not exactly what callers are knowing Houston homeowners. The catch to obtaining government money? You need to pay initially.

Betty Williams states a current call to her cell included the guarantee of big dollars.

“The reason they said my number was picked was because he government is giving free grants to people who pay their bills on time and pay all of their taxes,” said Williams.

Williams states the caller said she would get $7500 in government grants to assist pay expenses. However to obtain the cash, she had to wire $300 first.

Williams states that’s a step she knew not to take.

“There are a lot of senior citizens who do not know a lot, especially at my age, they will say, ‘oh 7500 dollars,’” said Williams.

Luckily Williams understands much better and did some research.

“I found out this is really truly a scam. I am not crazy, I was not born yesterday,” said Williams. “I might be a senior citizen, but I got all my mental faculties with me.”

Monica Russo with the Houston Better Business Bureau says Williams did the right thing by not falling for the grant scam. She states getting a real grant is not so simple.

“It’s a whole process. You have to apply for it. A lot of times you have to draft paper work for it. So it’s not something that is as easy as these guys make it out to be,” said Russo.

The BBB says to watch because if someone in our location got this call, it will likely happen again.


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