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June 9th, 2014

IRS Warns of Scam Phone Calls In Oklahoma


IRS Warns of Scam Phone Calls In Oklahoma

The IRS have recently sent out a further warning related to a highly sophisticated phone scam that has been targeting tax paying residents across the USA, in which is now been reported to be targeting residents within Oklahoma.

These particular calls can be very persuading and for any who owe the IRS, it can be a frightening experience. The fraudsters threaten the victim with legal action, suspension of their business license, arrest and even deportation, which has left many people worried about their future.

“Don’t disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegations against you. Good bye and take care,” said the automated recording.

“I have no reason to be hearing from the IRS,” said Jack Bjerk, a resident of Oklahoma.

Bjerk was stunned to have received such a call earlier in the week, which was an automated maessage, he thought to be officially from the IRS.

“The issue at hand is really time sensitive. My name is Officer Heather Gray from the Internal Revenue Service,” said the recording.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Bjerk to determine that it was a scam, so no money was actually lost in his case.

“I’m thinking that I ought to let somebody know about it so that they can pass the word on to somebody else,” said Bjerk.

Lea Crusberg, a spokesperson from the IRS, says that warnings of the same or similar scams have been published since last October, but its now spreading across the US, and now into Oklahoma.

“This is not the IRS calling you. If you’re going to hear from the IRS, it’s going to be the old fashioned way first, which is by mail,” said Crusberg. “They’re mimicking a call center, so it sounds legitimate, and I could understand why a tax payer would be a little apprehensive.”

Have you received a fake IRS call? If so, you should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

For more information on this particular phone scam, please click here.


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