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Its always best to do your research to understand what reverse phone lookup services are and how they can help you investigate phone numbers in a legal and ethical way, before you even think about purchasing premium phone tracer reports. Watch the video on your right first, then read through the articles posted below.

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  • Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service: Do you want to find out exactly who is calling you? Maybe you wish to investigate an unknown number on your latest phone bill, trace annoying prank callers, check suspicious numbers on your partners cell or verify specific addresses, whatever your needs, we recommend the Phone Detective reverse phone lookup service that provides a discreet environment for all your reverse phone lookup requirements. Read More >>
  • Performing Reverse Cell Phone Lookup: Do you want to track the name, address and background information of a cell phone number? If so, you may find that by using a free reverse cell phone lookup, the results will be incomplete, outdated or covered by privacy settings which is put in place by the cell phone operators such as Verizon & AT&T. This makes it much harder to track than a standard landline numbers. Read More >>
  • What Phone Lookup Services Reveal: Before you use any type of free or paid reverse phone lookup service, its always good to know what kind of results these services can provide. The main reason you may want to lookup a number will be to find out the name and address of the person that owns that particular number. The majority of paid services will reveal these kind of results, although free services may only provide you with an estimated address location including city, state and county. Read More >>
  • How To Do A Reverse Phone Lookup: So you want to know who the person or business is behind a phone number. Or perhaps you are trying to find out exactly who is in the list of contacts on your kid’s cell phone. It doesn’t matter what the reason may be. You can carry out a reverse phone lookup and find out who owns that number just about anywhere in the world. However, before you do it is important to know just how to go about it for the best results. Are you ready, okay let’s begin. Read More >>
  • Reverse Phone Lookup Basics: Almost everyone at one time or another has wanted to do a reverse phone lookup. Regardless of the reason; whether it is to trace harassing phone calls or just for the fun of it, most of us have either done it or thought about doing it. There are many uses and benefits of conducting reverse phone lookups, provided you do so legally and ethically. Read More >>


Top 5 Reverse Phone Lookup Providers


Rank Name Success RateFeePrice Rating Info
InfoTracer99%Monthly$2.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Ferret98%Monthly$4.95 Visit Site
Phone Detective97%Fixed$14.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Check97%Fixed$14.95 Visit Site
Phone Registry96%Monthly$2.95 Visit Site

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