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July 28th, 2013

What Phone Lookup Services Reveal

Before you use any type of free or paid reverse phone lookup service, its always good to know what kind of results these services can provide. The main reason you may want to lookup a number will be to find out the name and address of the person that owns that particular number. The majority of paid services will reveal these kind of results, although free services may only provide you with an estimated address location including city, state and county.

Its also wise for me to mention that free services are not as reliable as you may think. If the website owner runs a free service, who will update the results? Without some sort of income from a service, it will soon become abandoned by its owner and the results you return from searches you make will not be accurate. Is it worth paying a small amount to access exact information from a database thats updated on a regular? I certainly think so.

Do you want more results than just a name and address? If you do, its ideal to pay that little bit extra to include people search results with your tracer report. This will reveal far much more information including background details, relative information, related numbers and even provide information about their property and employer info. For around $10, you can reveal literally every single bit of information about the person, just with a phone number, which is a very powerful means of investigation.

I always say that its best to find as much information as possible by using a free reverse phone lookup first, as you never know what you will find unless you do a thorough search of that particular number from the word go! Sometimes its just not necessary to spend any money and you dont want to feel disappointed if you pay for a premium service and then later find the same results using a free search engine.

You may also find that your own personal numbers are listed within these databases and you want them to be removed. You can either visit each directory and request removal, or you can pay around $4.95 and be removed from several public databases at once, which will save a lot of time. If your number is listed on these databases, then any person or company can call your number, and maybe one of the main reasons why you receive prank calls on a regular basis. Have it removed and your problems may be solved.

As annoying as it may be, these public databases that may include your numbers are not illegal & can be accessed by anyone, although these reverse phone lookup providers make it very easy for you to remove your own personal or business numbers from them and will not take long to process your request, so thats a good thing.

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