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July 2nd, 2013

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Do you want to find out exactly who is calling you? Maybe you wish to investigate an unknown number on your latest phone bill, trace annoying prank callers, check suspicious numbers on your partners cell or verify specific addresses, whatever your needs, we recommend the Phone Detective reverse phone lookup service that provides a discreet environment for all your reverse phone lookup requirements.

Enter the landline or cell phone number that to want to investigate within the search box located on the top right of our website to connect with the Phone Detective database & to start your search.

FREE results include:

  • City, state & county
  • Map visual of location
  • The phone type
Paid member search results include:

  • Owners full name & exact address
  • Owners background information
  • Details regarding household members
  • Unlimited reverse phone lookup requests for any number
  • People search – locate relatives, co-workers and classmates
  • Discounted reverse phone lookup and background reports

Free and Paid Reverse Phone Lookup Reports:

Although your initial search is Free, Phone Detective locks certain aspects of your search results which are reserved for paid members only. The free report will show the location of the number you have entered including estimated map visual, what the the actual phone type is & whether the full reports are available for the specific number you have searched. You are then able to purchase the full tracer reports which can be downloaded instantly from within the secure membership area for your convenience.

As the amount of resources required to provide this reliable service is high & the full tracer reports are not public record, Phone Detective ask for a small payment in order to access the full reverse phone lookup and background reports for the numbers you search. They specialize in finding the most up-to-date information for more landline & cell phone numbers than any other provider within America. Phone Detective can also find the details of the most hard to find numbers which are usually not provided by other leading reverse phone lookup services including cell phones and unlisted numbers.

Its completely legal to investigate the owner of any cell or landline number within the USA. The owner of the number you are investigating will never know you have searched for the details regarding a specific number. Your search is completely discreet and secure to ensure your own personal security. Phone Detective have options available for you to remove your own personal number, if this is listed within our database.

Why Use The Phone Detective Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

Although there may be thousands of other online providers that supply services such as reverse phone lookup, Phone Detective strive to set their services apart from all the rest & there is several ways in which they are able to achieve this. Below you will discover several reasons why Phone Detective is ideal for your investigations.

High Success Rate: Its no good using a premium service if you can never locate results for the numbers you search, which is why this company constantly develops their services to bring you one of the highest success rates in the industry. If you are unable to find any results, one of their team will search manually & if no results are available after your purchase, they shall send a 100% refund to ensure total satisfaction.

Multiple Data Sources: Phone Detective is able to provide you with the most comprehensive reports available online due to their unique advantage of been able to deliver results from their merging databases, which returns results from multiple sources. This enables them to find data related to more numbers, as many other services only use one database, which limits their coverage across the USA.

Support Matters: As Phone Detective stands behind their services 100%, they provide email & toll-free phone support 7 days per week. They know its important to their members that support is available, if & when an issue occurs, so you have the piece of mind in the knowledge that friendly support staff can always be reached. Phone Detective are committed to providing quality services in an honest and ethical fashion.

Affordable: If you wish to purchase full tracer reports for the numbers you investigate then Phone Detective offer several affordable membership options. You can purchase a single tracer report for only $14.95 OR you can purchase a yearly membership package for $39.95, that will entitle you to unlimited reverse phone lookups and people searches. If you want to purchase their online privacy protection package which will enable you to remove your own details from several databases, they offer this from $4.95. Start your phone number investigation using the search box located on your top right!

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