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January 1st, 2017
Rank Name Success RatePrice Rating Info
eVerify Phone Lookup99%$2.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Check98%$4.95 Visit Site
Phone Detective98%$14.95 Visit Site
Phone Registry97%$14.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Ferret96%$14.95 Visit Site

Phone Detective Review 2017

Phone Detective Review 2017Welcome to our review of the current #3 reverse phone lookup service in the USA, Phone Detective!

We decided to rate this provider 3rd due to the high success rates on tracer reports, efficient membership facilities, advanced merged databases which provides the best coverage across the USA, the low cost membership options and the support team that provides phone and email support.

If you are searching for the most reliable, premium tracer reports, then we recommend that Phone Detective must be your first choice. Although there is thousands of free services available online, nothing comes close to the services that this company can supply.

You are able to investigate the owner of any cell, landline or business number, even if the numbers are not listed within the public database, due to the vast coverage that their merged databases can provide.

FREE results include:

  • City, state & county
  • Map visual of location
  • The phone type
Paid member search results include:

  • Owners full name & exact address
  • Owners background information
  • Details regarding household members
  • Unlimited reverse phone lookup requests for any number
  • People search – locate relatives, co-workers and classmates
  • Discounted reverse phone lookup and background reports


Phone Detective Membership Options

Whether you require regular tracer reports, or a one-time report, Phone Detective have affordable membership options to suit your requirements and budget. For a yearly based membership, you will expect to pay $39.95 per year, which would include unlimited reverse phone lookup reports and people search results.

A one-time tracer report will cost $14.95 & if you want to remove your own personal, cell or business number from their databases, this is charged at $4.95 which provides a personal online protection package with removal instructions.

Main Advantages Of Phone Detective’s Phone Lookup


  • Merged Databases: Most reverse phone lookup providers pull data from only one database, where as Phone Detective has several which enables them to offer the best coverage within the USA.
  • Refund Guarantee: If you are unable to find any data for the numbers you search after your purchase, a support team member will search manually. If no results can be found, you will be given a 100% refund, no questions asked.
  • Dedicated Support Team: With phone and email support, you can be rest assured that your support tickets are answered swiftly. Phone Detective is highly dedicated to customer support and is one of the main reasons for their continued success in this industry.


Independent Phone Detective Review Test 2017

One of our team did an independent test on the phone lookup services provided by Phone Detective. The main reason for this was to test the success rate of available information for a set of numbers.

After testing 200 numbers, including landline and mobile, this service provided a success rate of 97%. This is one of the reasons why this particular service is our #2 provider in the USA for 2017.


Disclaimer: The ratings on this website are at the sole discretion of the webmaster, who has ranked the services based on personal use. We also declare that we receive monetary payments from services displayed on this website, although the payments we receive will never, in any way, reflect the rankings of each reverse phone lookup service provider.