Reverse Phone Lookup FAQ

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Below you will find our current FAQ, which will help you understand more about the most frequently asked questions related to the reverse phone lookup services featured on our website.

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup?

In simple terms, its an online tool used to discover the details related to a specific cellphone or landline number. Many websites offer a search box that will enable you to access the databases that contain the information related to the numbers you enter. Some are more reliable than others, so please do your research before paying for premium tracer reports.

Why Would I Need To Use This Service?

There is many reasons why you would want to use a reverse phone lookup service. The top 5 include: put an end to prank callers, missed a personal or business call, unknown numbers on your cellphone or landline bill, verify a new personal or business number and investigating unknown numbers on your partners cell phone.

Will My Personal, Cell Or Business Number Be Listed?

The chances are, your own personal numbers may be listed in the public databases and can be removed very easily by contacting the website owner and requesting removal. Due to the advancements in reverse phone lookup technology, your cell phone and business numbers may also be listed within the premium databases which require payment for other people to access.

If you find out that your cell or business number is listed, you must contact the website owner for removal instructions.

Are There Any Free Services Available?

There are many free reverse phone lookup websites including whitepages, that enable you to investigate “easy to find” numbers that are usually provided within the public phone number databases.

These websites are very useful and can sometimes uncover the information your searching for without the need to spend a penny. If want to track unlisted numbers or cell phone numbers, then free services are usually not sufficient enough.

How Do I Start My Investigation?

We recommend that you first enter the number into your favorite search engine, with and without quotes. The results that return may provide you with enough information to determine the owner. It may be a family member, friend or co-worker that has called on a new number, so by using free results first, you can avoid charges that are not required.

Whats The Cost Of Premium Tracer Reports?

If you come to decide that you need to retrieve the most advanced tracer reports for a specific number then the charges will vary from service to service. We recommend Phone Detective for premium tracer reports, due to the quality of services, support and affordability.

Yearly membership access costs $39.95, single tracer reports cost $14.95 and you can purchase an online privacy protection package to remove your own numbers from the databases for just $4.95. Learn more about Phone Detective.

What If I Pay & No Results Are Found?

The refund policies differ & depend on which premium reverse phone lookup service you actually pay for. Its always best to read the refund policy on the website that you want to purchase from.

From our experience, the majority of them provide the following: If you send payment and no results are found from the automatic search, one of their support members will search for the information manually, if no results can be found after this point, the service provider must provide a 100% refund.


Top 5 Reverse Phone Lookup Providers


Rank Name Success RateFeePrice Rating Info
InfoTracer99%Monthly$2.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Ferret98%Monthly$4.95 Visit Site
Phone Detective97%Fixed$14.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Check97%Fixed$14.95 Visit Site
Phone Registry96%Monthly$2.95 Visit Site

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