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January 1st, 2017
Rank Name Success RatePrice Rating Info
InfoTracer99%$2.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Ferret98%$4.95 Visit Site
Phone Detective97%$14.95 Visit Site
Reverse Phone Check97%$14.95 Visit Site
Phone Registry96%$2.95 Visit Site

Reverse Phone Ferret Review 2017

Reverse Phone Ferret Review 2017

Welcome to our review of the current #2 reverse phone lookup service in the USA for 2017, Reverse Phone Ferret!

Often when we receive phone calls, we generally rely on the belief that if we know the person, their name will show up in our caller ID. But what happens when someone close to us, or an important client has changed their number?

All of a sudden, we receive a phone call from someone who’s number we don’t recognize. That number often goes unanswered and unresearched. All too often, important and sometimes crucial calls are left behind without the person being called ever realizing that there was reason to answer the phone.

When you receive a call from an unidentified number, you should know who’s calling you and you should know fast. With Reverse Phone Ferret’s phone number lookup you can get the identity and personal information of someone calling you without the expensive and time consuming efforts of private investigator.

This is a cost-effect reverse phone number lookup service that is fast, legal and confidential.

Reverse Phone Ferret’s Main Features


  • Has a huge database of up to 300 million numbers ranging from cell phones, landlines and unlisted numbers.
  • Allows you to run a background check on the owner of the number you are searching. You can find out whether they have a criminal record.
  • Very simple to use. All you have to do is type the number you want to search and you get the results you seek.
  • Service is offered at an affordable price. For all the details you get from this service, it comes at a one time annual fee of $39. However, you may choose to use the service for a trial period for only $4.95. Once you like the service after the trial period, you can choose the package that charges you $19.95 per month.
  • This service has a no questions asked money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the service.

You can investigate the name, address, carrier and other pertinent details on a phone call at a moments notice, right from your home or office computer. Plus, with an affordable membership program and state of the art database, you’ll be notified of any updates to the records that you look up as well, so the information you receive is never outdated.

You may realize that the person calling you is a family member or close and personal friend with a new phone number. Perhaps that missed call was the valuable job opportunity that you’ve been waiting months for.

With Reverse Phone Ferret, you’ll know if that number you didn’t recognize is one that you need to call back or not.

Additionally, with Reverse Phone Ferret, no one will ever know that you’ve been looking up their information. Your search will go unnoticed by the caller and your own information will remain 100% confidential.

Reverse Phone Ferret also offers more than just reverse phone number lookups with their Background Checks. eVerify’s Background Investivation services include court records, birth and death records, marriage and divorce records, as well as valuable asset information.

Employers can use this powerful service to look up a potential employees criminal records, including prior arrests, mug shots, court and probation records prior to hiring someone.

Reverse Phone Ferret gives employers the comfort in knowing that their employee is an honest and hard working individual.

You are able to gain access to an instant and cost effective search system that gives you unlimited membership and access to extensive and comprehensive databases.

Reverse Phone Ferret gives the deepest, most in depth results possible with access to over 300 million records nationwide.

Whether looking up by phone number, address, name and even email, access to the information your seeking is just a click away. Thank you for taking the time to read our Reverse Phone Ferret Review.

Independent Reverse Phone Ferret Review Test 2017

One of our team did an independent test on the phone lookup services provided by Reverse Phone Ferret. The main reason for this was to test the success rate of available information for a set of numbers.

After testing 200 numbers, including landline and mobile, this service provided a success rate of 98%. This is one of the reasons why this particular service is our #2 provider in the USA for 2017.


Disclaimer: The ratings on this website are at the sole discretion of the webmaster, who has ranked the services based on personal use. We also declare that we receive monetary payments from services displayed on this website, although the payments we receive will never, in any way, reflect the rankings of each reverse phone lookup service provider.