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March 27th, 2014


Phone Scam Targets Microsoft Windows Users


Phone Scam Targets Microsoft Windows UsersBATON ROUGE, Louisiana. – Most people store a lot of personal information online or on a personal home computer, so a malicious computer virus can do serious damage to the victim of a scam. Unfortunately, a large majority of personal computer users are not well informed of the risks and the scammers exploit this lack of knowledge to steal personal information.

Lionel Bollinger was approached by the persons operating this scam and he has said that hes ready to cut off his phone line due to the scammers constantly calling him regarding the status of his Microsoft Windows computer issues, that more than likely dont even exist.

“The guy calls claiming to be from Windows and says my computer is all infected and this and that and they want access to the computer, and it’s like ‘I am not letting you into my computer,’” Bollinger said.

This particular scam is becoming more common and is targeting locals. A person who claims to be from either Microsoft or Windows will tell you that your computer has a virus and you are asked to provide remote access for them to go in and fix the virus issue. You should not comply.

Its lucky that Bollinger was skeptical and had enough knowledge about his computer to refuse remote access to his computer, otherwise he would have been another victim to this shocking scam.

“One of the ladies who called me, she was in tears and she said, ‘I think I’ve just ruined my computer,’” said computer expert Josh Henderson.

Josh fixes personal computers for a living and runs a local consulting firm. He has stated that several of his existing clients have unfortunately granted remote access to their machines to the scammers.

“They actually infect the computer with a virus, and then they ask them for a small fee – somewhere between $130 and $200 is what I’ve heard – they’ll clean the computer up,” he said.

Instead of the scammers fixing your computer, they leave your computer unusable and all your own files are inaccessible. Henderson has also stated that its an easy fix, but this is an extra cost which can be avoided if you dont fall for this phone scam.

“Tell them ‘Give me a call-back number and let me call you back.’ Hang up and then go look up the actual number of the company they say they’re with, then call them and that way you can verify if it’s a scam,” Henderson said.

If you’ve been a victim of a scam, file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office. Call the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-351-4889.


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