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January 10th, 2014


Clarksville Police warn of two Phone Scams


Clarksville Police warn of two Phone ScamsCLARKSVILLE, Tennessee. – Clarksville Authorities have released a warning to residents regarding 2 phone scams that involve demands for funds and threats.

On January 2nd, the Police Department in Clarksville had responded to a phone call from a woman who reported that several people had called her, claiming they are employees of Clarksville Department of Electricity, who requested prepaid Green Dot Cards, as her meter required fixing before it exploded, according to a recent press release.

The woman did not speak English, and the callers all spoke Spanish. The phone number displayed was 931-648-8151, the number for CDE, but the real callers were scammers from overseas, the release said.

The initial call received by the woman was from a male who called himself Lagrua Gutierrez. As stated in the press release, the man alerted the woman that here electricity meter was about to explode and engineers from the company must be called out to repair it.

At first, the man stated that a deposit would need to be paid. The female victim was asked to visit Walgreens and purchase a prepaid Green Dot Card. She fell for the phone scam, purchased a card for $402.95 and provided Lagrua Gutierrez with the card details.

Once she handed over the details, a further phone call was received later on, in which a female who called herself Vanessa Campusano told the victim that the previous card purchased from Walgreens was faulty and another prepaid card would be required, in which the scammer requested a card from Rite Aid. The victim then purchased another card for $302.95 and provided the card details again.

Another woman, claiming her name was Rosalina Dias, instructed the victim to buy another card at Rite Aid for $259.90 and provide the card’s number.

Finally, the man who claimed his name was Lagrua Gutierrez called again and told the victim to return to Walgreens, where she bought a further card for $204.95 and again provided the card details. The scammers, posing as employees of Clarksville Department of Electricity, never came out to check the meter and kept making excuses.

The victim’s son called Clarksville Department of Electricity about the incident and was told that this type of phone scam had happened before, the press release said.

Scammers claim to represent ‘National Association of Fraud Investors’

In another phone scam case, Clarksville police were contacted on January 3rd, after a woman said that she received a call from someone claiming to represent a company called “National Association of Fraud Investors.”

The scammers stated that her husband had taken out a payday loan from “Payday Yes” in 2008. They stated that if the loan was not paid then a warrant would be requested for his arrest. The female victim fell for the phone scam and agreed to pay one installment of $250, although later realised that the company in question had previously been involved in fraudulent activities, stated the press release.

“Phone Scam crimes (eg. fraud/false Pretense) are not easily solved or not solved at all, due to the origin of the actual phone calls,” the press release says.

Anyone who knows of criminal activity is asked to call Clarksville Police on 931-648-0656. To stay anonymous, call the Crime Stoppers TIPS hotline at 931-645-TIPS.


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