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March 14th, 2014


Cell Phone Scam Targeting Verizon Customers


Cell Phone Scam Targeting Verizon CustomersThere is a new scam targeting verizon cell phone customers in which the scammers promise customers money due to over paying their bills. A message from a company who seems to be “posing” as Verizon is alerting people that they have over paid their bills by $54 and can claim it back, but this is not true.

The worst thing about this scam is that the number that calls the scam victims is actually the 1-800-number, which is the official Verizon customer care number.

“I got a voicemail from a phone number that showed up as an official Verizon tech support number,” said Kellen Barranger, target of scam.

“Hackers have the ability to create spoofed caller ID. So you think you’re dealing with an official organization,” said Adam Levin, co-founder, identity theft 911.

The message asked Barranger to visit a website, Verizon54.com. Its a fake website that asks for your Verizon username, password and even credit card information.

“They can create new accounts based on the fact they have sufficient information from you that they can re-create you and can convince other people that they are you,” said Levin.

Verizon Wireless have shut down the Verizon54 website, but experts warn scammers will just find new ways to make money. Its always best to contact them directly if you suspect that the call you have recieved is suspicious.

As for Kellen Barranger, he did not fall for this latest scam. He runs a blog about cell phones, so the voicemail made him suspicious. He contacted Verizon directly and found out it was a fake.


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