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June 21st, 2012

New York Area Codes


  • 212 New York – Manhattan
  • 315 New York – North Central
  • 347 New York – NYC – not Mnhtn (split from 718)
  • 516 New York – Nassau County LI
  • 518 New York – NorthEast
  • 585 New York
  • 607 New York – South Central
  • 631 New York – Suffolk County LI
  • 646 New York – Manhattan (split from 212)
  • 716 New York – Western
  • 718 New York – NYC except Mnhtn
  • 845 New York
  • 914 New York – Southern
  • 917 New York City


New York State Information


Nickname(s): The Empire State
Motto(s): Excelsior – Ever upward (Latin)
Spoken language(s): English (only) 71.8%, Spanish 14.0%, Others 14.1%
Demonym: New Yorker
Capital: Albany
Largest City: New York City
Population: 19,465,197 (2011 est)
Time Zones: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Abbreviations: NY US-NY
Website: www.ny.gov


New York is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States. New York is the 27th most extensive, the 3rd most populous, & the 7th most densely populated of the 50 United States. New York is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south, & by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont to the east.

The state has a maritime border with Rhode Island east of Long Island, as well as an international border with the Canadian provinces of Ontario to the west and north, & Quebec to the north. The state of New York is often referred to as New York State to distinguish it from New York City. Source: Wikipedia

New York Reverse Phone Lookup

If you want to investigate a cell or landline number, to find the name and address of a specific person who lives within New York, then you can enter the number you want to investigate within the search box on the top right of our website (below the twitter button). Enter the New York area code first, along with the remaining 7 digit number into the search box, press search & allow a few seconds for the free New York location report to display. You will then have access to premium tracer reports, if required.

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